Who Would Steal a Garbage Can?

After last week’s snow storm came and went, I found my garage door frozen shut. So, rather than digging it out, I elected to place this week’s empty garbage can (a newer Rubbermaid dark green can with wheels) outside the door and wait for either some warm weather or the weekend before I return the can to its normal resting spot. However in spite of this weekend’s warm weather I was unable to return the garbage can to my garage“ not because I couldn’t now get the door open but rather because it is now missing. Someone decided it was better to walk across my back yard and steal my garbage can rather than go buy their own.

Having just returned to my hometown after spending the last 15 years living in Kansas City, Boston, Twin Cities, New York, and Philadelphia I’ve seen a lot of things. I was held up by gun point in Kansas City, someone stole a new bike from me in the Twin Cities, my maid robbed my apartment downtown New York, and my wife and I witnessed several shootings around our apartment in Philadelphia’s Old City (in fact we called 911 so many times they probably knew our voices). Interestingly, in all these places you could sense that with so many people around you need to be on your toes or you will get taken advantage of.

Waverly’s slow pace and small town friendliness has the appearance of safety but obviously looks are deceiving. Interestingly, you hear all these stories about Waverly like people who never lock their homes or always leave their keys in their car. Yet I leave a garbage can (of all things) outside and it gets stolen. Not just stolen off the street, but to get to it someone would have to have walked across my back yard to get to it“ a pretty conscious act of stealing.

With Waverly’s early morning garbage pickup, I’m not inclined to go out and buy a new garbage can rather the oldest, rustiest, junky one I can find is probably the safest bet if I need to leave the garbage can out the night before pickup. It is disappointing to think that people would steal such a thing and taint our recent move to town. I wish I could just blame kids, but I struggle to think of any who would have any interest in a garbage can so we are talking about an adult. What is perhaps more worrisome is that if someone is so determined to steal that they would walk across your backyard to get something as insignificant as a garbage can, they are probably trolling around looking for other opportunities to steal. 

While Waverly does have a lot to offer, clearly it’s not quite as safe as one is lead to believe. I certainly don’t find comfort in leaving any doors unlocked“ especially after there have been strangers walking around in my backyard, nor should you. The difference between Waverly and large cities like New York or even Philadelphia is that there just aren’t enough people around to police the place. In fact, very little goes on in the big city without any witnesses. In Waverly, too many people keep their blinds pulled and there aren’t enough people out walking around to aid police so thievery is alive and well.